Why Size 8 was advised against having more kids

Speaking to Nicholas Kioko and Vincent Mboya, Size 8 revealed she has been battling high blood pressure and as a result, it makes it difficult for her during pregnancies.

She revealed this when Mboya asked whether she is expecting another child. Size 8 defended herself by saying the dress she wore had features which would fool anyone into thinking she is pregnant.

She categorically stated she neither wants/praying for a kid nor does she want another one.

“I don’t want a kid now and I am not expecting a kid and I am not praying for one I just want to do the lord’s work I am good for now,” said Size 8 before congratulating her fellow artist Wahu who is expecting her third child.

“Let them have kids I am not expecting a child.”

Size 8 would then narrate how her blood pressure challenges make it a threat for her to have another baby.

“With Wambo (her first born) I almost miscarried because of high blood pressure. It is called extreme preeclampsia, then after Wambo, I lost a child because of it. And then I gave birth to Junior and Junior’s pregnancy almost killed me, because the left side of my body would get paralyzed.” She said.

Adding: “..then I got pregnant again last year which almost killed me and I think all of you saw but unfortunately my child didn’t survive. Early this year my pressure was high and I was advised against having more children.”

Severe preeclampsia is a disorder of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and significant proteinuria after 20 weeks of gestation. 

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