Warning Alert: Education Is Now Luxury, Thanks To President Ruto

When Kenyans were about to take a breath thinking their pay slips had had enough tax attacks, and prices of basic commodities made unaffordable, William Ruto is now on a mission to make education a luxury, complicating the relationship between school fees, and our pockets.

From January 2024, Kenyans will dig deeper into their already shallow pockets to fund their children’s education. And those who think this move is expensive are reminded to try ignorance.

While Kenyans are still undecided whether to buy petrol or dig their own oil, their decision making abilities will be tested when they’ll be forced to choose between education with no guarantee of employment, or no education with no employment at all.

New Secondary School Fees

Parent with children in day schools, like Yuoth Ong’er Mixed Secondary School, will pay 5,372 shillings in addition to the obvious 12,000 shillings’ lunch fees. When they took their children to such schools, they must’ve reasoned they were poor. And it’s likely they misread the memo indicating Kenya Kwanza was founded on a bottom up economic model. They’ll be moved from bottom to up and no matter what.

Those with children in the extra and county schools, will cough 66, 023 from 40, 535 shillings. They must know there’s no middle ground and the only person allowed to sit on the fence is Musalia Mudavadi.

Learners in the national school will pay 73, 182 shilling up from 53,554 shillings. These are dynasties and the government expect them to toe the line without any fwekni. The 73,182 is some coins shy of funding a diploma course. If they’re not happy, they can register their children for a diploma course because as had been shown, the likes of Oscar Sudi obtained a diploma certificate without sitting the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

New University Funding Model

Dear county men and women, save some tears for the students who joined university this year.

The God-chosen government have proposals to ensure suffering shall be the comrades’ middle names. At first, the vulnerable and neediest were snookered they’d pay no tuition fees. However, just like Ruto intervened to have small small rains here and there instead of El Nino, these students also will have to pay their tuition fees. Only a fool doesn’t change his mind, isn’t it? and our President is a Ph.D. graduate.

Comrades must know the government have more important events to fund like sponsoring a U.S. televangelist to come pray for us than to give scholarships. Also, there’re very critical programmes like paying State House intercessors who have done exceptional job of praying for the rains, and asking the fight between the dollar and shilling to end.

Moreover, there’s need to have the president move around the country saying the same thing at each event, and attending church services in different churches, in different places, each Sunday. And when the president is bored, he moves around the world because he’s our best export to the world.

Apart from paying huge tuition fees, comrades must prepare their left cheeks to be slapped with a mountain debt upon graduating. Afterwards, they must turn the other cheek to be slapped with unemployment. However, unlike others who drop out or didn’t join colleges due to high tuition fees and are simply called jobless, the comrades shall be christened “Unemployed graduate.”

Anyone who’ll not in position to fund their children’s education should be releveled because for entry to heaven – which our Head of State is investing into –  no one shall be asked to produce any degree. President Ruto is determined to punish us. “If they say education is the key,” Richie Spice equips, “then why are bigger heads making it expensive for we?” If truly freedom is here, then “Give them the key and set them free.”

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