Uhuru may rescue the throat of the embattled Isaac Mwaura

Embattled nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura might be a lucky fellow even after the ruling party Jubilee and Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka kicked him out of the Legislative House and replaced him with Samuel Leshore on Wednesday.

This follows after Kiambu senator Kimani Wamatangi hinted that Mwaura might find himself working in government despite it firing him as a Parliamentarian.

In a thinly-veilled expression of hope of the lawmaker being reemployed by the national government, the legislator who is a close ally of president Uhuru Kenyatta noted that Mwaura could productively deliver services to government if appointed to any other leadership position apart from the Legislative posts.

Wamatangi, who was speaking while appearing on Citizen TV Live argued that his colleague might still emerge victorious over the case if the court does justice to him.

The Senate Chief Whip indirectly hit out at the Senate Speaker and Jubilee party for disobeying court orders which stopped Mwaura’s ouster.

” I do not think this is the end of the for process Isaac Mwaura as Senator, he can still argue his case. Justice will be served. It is important in our country to obey court orders. Mwaura has capacity and capability to serve the country in other ways,” Said Wamatangi.

This comes amidst the move by Speaker Kenneth Lusaka to remove the name of Isaac Mwaura from the list of Jubilee nominated senators and replaced him with former Samburu senator Samuel Leshore over indiscipline and disloyalty.

Senator Mwaura was nominated to Senate to represent people with disabilities by Jubilee party. However, he fell out with president Uhuru Kenyatta and his allies after ditching their camp and joining deputy president Dr William Ruto. He also opposed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum, a move which made the ruling party take disciplinary action against him.

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