“These are the reasons behind late night Resignation,” Nick Mwendwa

Troubled Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Nick Mwendwa has detailed why he was compelled to tender his resignation late at night on Tuesday, November 30.

Through a written letter, Mwendwa announced his resignation handing over the football leadership mantle to his Vice President, Doris Petra.

Revealing his reason to step down, Mwendwa noted that he was pushed by the worsening state of his business empires triggered by numerous cases of apprehension and hefty fines.

The ex-FKF President further added that his family has suffered adverse effects due to the cases of apprehension and prosecution forcing him to tender his resignation letter in the wee hours of the night.

“In light of the foregoing, specifically, the frequent apprehension and detentions, which have adversely affected my family and personal business and whilst I am confident I will be cleared of any wrongdoing in the end,” Mwendwa stated.

He added:

“I have today(Tuesday) in accordance with Article 42 ( 8 ) of the FKF constitution ( 2017 ) asked my Vice President Madam Doris Petra to assume all functions of the FKF president.”

Mwendwa also made it clear that his decision to quit was in the best interest of FKF.

“My decision has been arrived at with the federation’s best interest at heart. I want to thank the entire NEC family, for the support you have offered my office and the federation In general, in developing Kenyan football,” Mwendwa appreciated his FKF colleagues.

However, he noted that the latest onslaught is a target against his character not about the issues affecting football in the country.  Earlier on, Mwendwa had been charged with four counts of fraud after he was cuffed for the second time last week by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and arraigned in court.

Mwendwa and others, who were not present in court, are accused of defrauding FKF is about Ksh 38 million.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges, having failed to have the case against him dismissed. According to the police documents, the offences took place between 4 March and 31 May this year.

Mwendwa was arraigned in court in Nairobi on Monday having spent the weekend in jail after his re-apprehension on Friday. 

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