Sakaja’s Team University degree was printed on May 29 – Dennis Wahome tells IEBC

Johnson Sakaja’s degree from Team University in Uganda was printed on Sunday, May 29 this year, Dennis Wahome tells the IEBC.

In his supporting affidavit seeking the revocation of Sakaja’s clearance to vie for Nairobi governor, Mr Wahome alleges the certificate was printed at 10 pm.

“An information technology (IT) forensic investigation can confirm this,” Wahome said.

Wahome told IEBC’s Disputes Resolution Committee that in fact, the university stopped offering the degree course in 2015, a year before Sakaja’s alleged graduation.

He further claims his extensive cross-border follow-up revealed that between 2012 and 2016, the period within which Sakaja claims he was studying, he travelled to Uganda only once, on October 17, 2014.

Wahome said an examination of the Team University graduation booklet dated October 26, 2016, shows only six students graduated from the class Sakaja claims to have graduated with.

“I’m aware that none of the six people who graduated from Team University on 21st October 2016 ever heard or saw the 1st respondent as their classmate either in their class physically or virtually,” Wahome said.

He further said nowhere in the entire graduation booklet does the degree of Bachelor of Science in Management (External) exist.

Wahome further cited Sakaja’s claims that he’s a graduate of the University of Nairobi as false.

In 2017, Sakaja presented a Nomination Declaration Form dated March 9, 2016, to the IEBC, indicating that he graduated from The University of Nairobi.

Wahome said his follow-up at the university unearthed no record showing Sakaja graduated from the UoN.

He cites a similar case involving Sakaja’s alleged academic credentials from St Lawrence University (SLAU) in Uganda.

He said the university distanced itself from having ever conferred a degree to the Nairobi senator.

Wahome said in his affidavit that the University wrote to Kenya’s High Commission in Kampala on June 8, 2022, saying that Sakaja was never a student at the university over its 12 years of existence.

“We disassociate ourselves from such an act,” Wahome quotes the letter as saying in part.

The Elections Act requires a person seeking to be elected Governor to be a holder of a degree from a university recognized in Kenya.

Wahome and three other complainants have filed petitions before the IEBC Dispute Resolution Committee seeking revocation of Sakaja’s clearance to contest the Nairobi governor seat.

Sakaja insists that his degree from Team University is genuine.

He said his name was omitted from the graduation list by the complainants.

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