Ruto promises to audit CBC, overhaul teacher delocalization programme

If elected President forthcoming General Election, William Ruto disclosed he will order an audit on the current Competency-Based Education Curriculum (CBC).

Addressing a forum of education stakeholders at Catholic University Thursday, the Deputy President noted five years down the road, there ought to be a review in accordance with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recommendations to determine the effectiveness of the CBC programme.

The review, according to Ruto, will take stock of issues that have come up since the education program was implemented.

“We will do this so that the issues that have been identified by teachers, parents and other stakeholders can be subjected to robust public conversation so that we can finally have a conversation that will lead us to iron out areas that are in contestation and we can have an education system that serves our children and our requirements for the future,” he said.

Teacher delocalization 

At the same time, Ruto said the Kenya Kwanza government will abolish the delocalization policy as is set up now and replace it with “a program that appreciates that teachers are a national resource and at the level of entry in employment.”

Ruto said the education’s national agenda will be implemented at the national level but promised to offer an incentive so that teachers who voluntarily want to teach outside their counties or localities can be paid an allowance in promoting a national nature of education.

“(We will do this) so that we can remove the current distress that is facing families and teachers where some of them have committed suicide,” he said.

He said his government will provide proactive support for Kenyans from marginalized areas that do not have adequate teachers in a bid to boost education levels therein.

“We will put in place robust measures to ensure the most vulnerable students get the chance to enrich their lives through education.”

“We will promote, provide bursaries, and actively provide opportunities rm people from those areas as a means to enhance teachers from those areas while Kenyans from other areas who teach in those areas will be incentivised,” he stated.

Wetangula: “behaves like a bad policeman to its own employees”

Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula said Kenya Kwanza will seek to “bring sanity and eventually harmony between the Teachers Service Commission (TSC)and the teaching fraternity.”

He accused TSC of abandoning its role as a good employer saying the Commission now “behaves like a bad policeman to its own employees.”

“We give you our solemn promise that this is not a rhetorical engagement. This is serious talk with serious commitment. We want to change this country. The challenges you face are the challenges we see and feel,” the Bungoma Senator told the forum

On his part, ANC’s Musalia Mudavadi said education is a very critical sector, if we get it right we are likely to get every other thing right as we move forward.

“We must continue to invest in education. As a commitment as Kenya Kwanza, we will continue to focus and we shall improve on the utilization of resources so that our children are properly educated at all times,” he said.

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