Ruto Incites Bodaboda Operators to Storm Police Stations to Collect Seized Motorcycles

Deputy President William Ruto is in the limelight after he asked the bodaboda operators whose motorcycles were confiscated during the countrywide crackdown to collect them from police stations.

Speaking during a campaign rally at Ngara market in Nairobi on Wednesday, Ruto criticised the government over the recent operation that saw hundreds of motorcycles impounded saying it was retrogressive for the riders.

The DP termed the riders as ordinary Kenyans ‘hustlers’ who were out there to earn honest incomes to support their livelihoods.

 “Wale bodaboda operators wote walinyang’anywa pikipiki zao na wakalipishwa pesa ambayo si halali. Waende wachukue pikipiki zao kutoka police station na warudishiwe pesa yao kwa sababu ni wafanyibiashara ambao wanafanya biashara halali,” Ruto said.

In his defence of the bodaboda sector, DP Ruto recalled the Forest Road incident where a woman was sexually assaulted by bodaboda riders arguing that a section of offenders should not be used to victimize the whole sector.

He outrightly stated that the offenders should be singled out to face the law without victimizing the whole sector.

“Wahalifu ni watu ambao wanavunja sheria; wale walimbaka mama pale Forest Road, hawa ni wahalifu. Washikwe na polisi waadhibiwe na wakutane na sheria,  lakini wafanyikazi wa bodaboda wasihangaishwe kwa makosa ya watu wahalifu,” he noted.

DP Ruto similarly took a swipe at the government citing preferential clampdown on riders saying that they were being tortured based on social class.

 “Bodaboda ni biashara si uhalifu…Tusifanye biashara halali ikawa ni biashara haramu. Wale walifanya kitendo ya kinyama kwa wamama hapa Forest Road ni sawasawa na wale waliiba pesa ya KEMSA,” Ruto said.

“Wahalifu wote wakabiliane na sheria. Vile tunakabiliana na wahahalifu hapa forest road, ata wale waliiba pesa ya KEMSA, waadhibiwe, wachukuliwe hatua za kisheria.” He ranted. 

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