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Raila to Ruto: Don’t be Hypocritical, Just Resign

Raila Odinga has called on DP William Ruto to stop being hypocritical by claiming he is not in government.

During a televised interview on Tuesday, Raila stated Ruto was being insincere in his response to the high cost of living where he turns the heat back to President Uhuru Kenyatta saying it was him who took away his duties and gave other people

“You cannot say you are not in government but you are earning a salary from the same government, if that is not hypocrisy then I don’t know what hypocrisy is,” he said.

The Orange leader asked Ruto to stop saying he is in government following the March 2018 handshake between him and his foe turn friend President Kenyatta.

The Azimio flag bearer emphasized that until Ruto resigns following the footsteps of Jaramogi Oginga , he should squarely take the blame on the high cost of living in the Jubilee Administration.

“It’s unfair to make a blanket condemnation on government so for somebody who is earning a salary and has over 250 police security officers defending him and is using government vehicles to do campaigns to come out and say he is not the government,” he stated.

“Ati ask kitendawili man ndio anajua yeye ndio ako ndani ya serikali,mimi nitolewa kwa serikali. Kama ulitolewa kwa serikali (Go ask the kitendwali man he is the one in government I was ejected from the government. If you were removed from government ) you do the decent thing that most decent people. You resign and become an ordinary person,” Odinga stated.

Ruto has maintained that he will not resign despite calls by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila pushing him to exit the government.

He insisted that the demands for him to resign are totally unfounded as he has not failed to deliver in any given government assignment assigned to him.

“I want to ask them to point out any single assignment, any advice or any call that the President directed to my office and failed. I have discharged all responsibilities that the President directed to me or to my office accordingly,” he said.

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