Masten Wanjala: How I escaped police cell in Nairobi

Self-confessed vampire child killer Masten Wanjala on Friday narrated how he escaped the police cell in Nairobi before he was lynched by a mob in Bungoma.

Wanjala told those lynching him that he disguised as a petty offender and handed officers money he had before walking out on Tuesday night of then Jongoo Road Police Cells in Nairobi.

Police who talked to the mob said Wanjala then hiked a lift on a lorry to Bungoma where he joined villagers.

It emerged Wanjala who had been at the Nairobi station for close to a month escaped after police arrested tens of suspects over Covid-19 pandemic rules and mixed them with those who were in custody.

It was until Wednesday morning that officers who were taking over realized the self-confessed child killer was missing. 

Wanjala, 25, escaped from Jogoo Road police station cells as remandees and others were being separated from the general population.

Previously, Wanjala led police to crime scenes, re-enacted them, made voice recordings and showed investigators his scrapbook detailing the murders. 

He often posed as a football coach.

He was expected in court for mention of some cases under investigation. He was expected to plea to five of 14 cases.

All but one were boys and most were drugged, then strangled or bludgeoned. 

Wanjala told police he sometimes opened their veins after strangling his victims, then drank their blood.

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