Legislators raise concern over the rising use of Velo nicotine pouch

Sale of nicotine pouch continues as it rebrands from Lyft to Velo

Members of parliament have today raised concern over the use of the nicotine pouch Velo. Speaking in parliament Friday afternoon, Nominated MP Sabina Chege brought the motion to the floor and to the attention of health CS Susan Nakhumicha highlighting how easy it is to access the product which contains high levels of nicotine and is being abused by students and the youth. Sabina Chege who had two tins of Velo demonstrated to the house how easy it is to access the drug which she had just sent her driver for.

Velo which is a nicotine pouch is a re-brand of Lyft which was banned in the country due to the high levels of nicotine it contains. Experts have warned that the drug whose packaging does not reveal all its contents can cause severe side effects on its users including spiking blood pressure and rasing anxiety levels both of which are dangerous for individual health

The members of Parliament now want the sale of the product in the country banned. Parliament speaker Moses Wetangula has been tasked to make a ruling which will see the sale of the product struck out from the Kenyan market.

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