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Karua: Ruto’s Bad Manners I will Not Bring to Azimio Government

Martha Karua says should they ascend to power with Raila Odinga, their administration will avoid the supremacy battles witnessed in the Uhuru-Ruto Jubilee government.

Karua said the Azimio government will settle any disagreements that may arise between its top brass internally, instead of airing the grievances publicly.

Speaking in a joint TV interview alongside the Orange leader on Tuesday evening, Karua underscored that a Raila-led government will steer clear of the shortcomings that led to the so-called impasse between President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

“The unseemly disagreement and taking it to the public, people may differ on how to go about things that are supposed to be settled in the board room. We will try to conduct ourselves in a way that maintains the respect of the office and demonstrate respect to the people of Kenya,” said Karua.

Kenyatta and Ruto have been on record on multiple occasions publicly trading accusations over government failures. While Kenyatta faults his deputy for engaging in early campaigns at the expense of his duties, Ruto blames the March 2018 handshake between the Head-of-State and Odinga for allegedly impeding the Jubilee administration from effectively delivering services.

On his part, Raila noted that his government will differ from the Jubilee administration in that it will introduce a system that will keep track of the progress of devolved units and how counties are using budgetary allocations to bring development to their respective regions.

“You don’t have 47 counties and one national government; it is one country and one government and therefore you need to work together with devolved units and agree on priorities. You must also have a benchmark in which performance of the counties can be measured so that you have an equal system of service,” he said.

“You must have a way of measuring the performance of county governments and that is the responsibility of the national government we do that we will make the country work for the people of the government.”

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