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Integrity Alliance Pressurises IEBC to Block 241 Aspirants Red-Flagged by EACC

More pressure on Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) as the National Integrity Alliance (NIA) re-emphasises its earlier move to have individuals with questionable moral and ethical standards seeking elective posts barred from contesting in the forthcoming elections.

NIA in a statement on Friday urged the IEBC to enforce the law and lock out the said persons from occupying public office.

While referring to the list of the 241 candidates recently flagged by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) over corruption-related allegations, NIA implored the IEBC to ensure they are not cleared for the August race.

“The EACC’s 241 lists have lent credence to our RedCardCampaign2022 which blacklisted 25 individuals who are not fit to serve in any appointive or elective public office for breach of leadership and Integrity tenets as enshrined in Chapter 6 of the constitution,” read the statement.

“Some of these individuals have also been blacklisted by EACC, reinforcing the need to stop them from ascending to public office. We, therefore, urge IEBC to follow suit in protecting Chapter 6 of the Constitution by barring individuals with tainted integrity from contesting in the August 9th Polls.”

EACC last week wrote to the IEBC directing the probe of 241 candidates among them three presidential candidates, 61 governor aspirants and six senatorial candidates.

Integrity Alliance further asked the electoral body to rule out any political candidate in the EACC list regardless of whether their cases have been concluded on not.

“We also remind the IEBC that Chapter 6 of the Constitution 2010 requires enforcement of an ethical threshold, notwithstanding pending criminal cases and exhaustion of appeals, individuals charged, convicted, or impeached do not meet the mandatory moral and ethical qualifications for clearance to vie for public office,” NIA noted.

“The Constitution should be interpreted in its entirety to enable the full application of values and principles prescribed.”

According to NIA, the commission is waving aside arguing that the said individuals have not been convicted guilty of the charges levelled against them since most of their cases are still in court.

“IEBC has boxed itself into Articles 99(3) and 193(3) which states that an individual is not disqualified from an election until they have exhausted all levels of appeal, and read this in isolation, oblivious to other provisions that require the enforcement of an ethical threshold in considering individuals for public office,” NIA explained.

Consequently, the body appeals to the public to join in the fight against rooting out corrupt leaders. Even if the legal bodies do not expel them, NIA adds, the people should vote them out.

“We call on Citizens to join the Red Card Campaign and flash red cards at any corrupt and unethical aspirants in their rallies and political activities to express their discontent with such individuals,” NIA advised.

“We must hold all current and aspiring leaders accountable to Chapter 6 of the Constitution. In case these corrupt and unethical political aspirants sieve through the vetting institutions, we call on voters to reject them at the ballot.

Additional report from Citizen Digital 

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