ICT CS Joseph Mucheru Launches Scathing Attack on William Ruto, Pokes Holes on Hustler Nation, Bottom-up Economic Model

Joseph Wakaba Mucheru, the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communications (ICT) launched scathing attacks on Deputy President William Ruto and poked holes on the second in command’s hustler-manifesto saying that it is basically anchored on lies.

Speaking in Kiambu on Monday, August 23, during the launch of the Youth Fragility report during a youth conference organised by the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), the CS ICT accused William Ruto of hoodwinking the Kenyan youth through the hustler-manifesto.

In his 33 page speech, Mr Mucheru said the Bottom-up economic model is not only outdated but also analogue which cannot solve the problems Kenyan youths are facing including unemployment.

“We have heard some people promising analogue solutions as part of a new economic blueprint to bring you prosperity,

“I am a student of economics and I don’t see the successful economic uplifting of our people carried on with outdated solutions,” the CS said in an apparent reference to William Ruto’s bottom-up economic model that is at the centre of his 2022 presidential campaign.

Mucheru, further without mentioning names, urged the youth to resist being misled by politicians who quote bible verses to lure youths hence preaching the gospel of division likening them with false prophets.

“These bible-waving politicians have targeted the youth because they think wrongly that the youth are gullible and easy to be manipulated,” Mucheru said.

Even though he did not mention names, Mucheru appeared to be targeting DP Ruto.

Apart from donating huge money, the second in command is a well-known politician who likes quoting Bible verses both at the political stages and at the pulpits.

The former Agriculture CS who has expressed his intentions to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta welcomed the criticism, adding that such critics are running out of alternative conversations at the moment.

“We believe that criticism is not entirely a bad thing. At least they are recognizing that we are having a conversation, which is good enough, and they are also appreciating that this is the only conversation in Kenya today. They do not have an alternative conversation” Ruto said.

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