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Herman Manyora: UDA will lose seats in Mt Kenya

Political commentator Herman Manyora has said that politicians who will vie on the UDA party tickets will lose in the August election.

Speaking on his weekly YouTube show, Manyora said there is not enough time for politicians to shift political allegiance ahead of the highly anticipated August 2022 General Election.

For this reason, politicians in the Mt Kenya region who joined UDA might have a rough time trying to defend or even clinch new elective seats in the next election.

“If you are from the Mt Kenya region, especially the central region where President Uhuru Kenyatta comes from, prepare yourself for defeat if you are running on a UDA ticket. By February or March 2022, it will be very late. And as you can see UDA is not selling very well in Central and this is a fact,” said Manyora.

He said that the narrative will soon change as people from the region will start terming UDA a Kalenjin party and they will move to join a party that will consider them.

Herman Manyora who has an interest in Linguistics and Communication observed that it will be hard for leaders like Moses Kuria, Mwangi Kiunjuri, and Mwangi WA Iria to dismantle their parties and join UDA.

“You can see when people like Mwangi WA Iria, Moses Kuria, and Mwangi Kiunjuri speak. They are speaking for their community, they have their parties and the narrative is going to be we will support Ruto but at our terms,” he added.

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