Frustrated Woman – Ruth James – Threatens to Expose Men She Has Infected with HIV [Photos]

A lady identified as Ruth James on Facebook has become the talk of social media after she threatened to expose all the men that she has given HIV/AIDS.

The lady said that “dying is the best option for now” and added that before she dies, she will expose all the men that she has infected with the virus

“I have suffered a lot,” she wrote.

Her alarming posts attracted thousands of comments with most people cautioning her that she risks landing in jail for infecting innocent people with the virus knowingly.

According to her, it was high time she brought to the public limelight the men that have been feeding on her without using any form of protection.

“I want to expose everyone I have given HIV.” Wrote Ruth James on her Facebook timeline.

Consequently, the woman added that most of these men would die of stress after she breaks the news to the public.

“Itugona. Chuo Luo 100 mar Facebook dwa thoo gi stress (You are playing with me, 100 Facebook men will die soon with stress)”. She posted.

Following her threats, Kenyans on social media have reacted differently to her various “alarming” posts. Here is a sample:

“It’s not too late to pull yourself back together Ruth. You can still get up and dust yourself and move on as nothing ever happened in your life. Don’t make yourself useless you are still very young and your daughter needs you a lot. Please get some counselling, it will be of great help but only if you are willing. We now know why you have been acting weirdly.. it’s clear that you are depressed. Otherwise, the earth is very hard” Wrote one Facebook user.

“Madam you will be arrested, infecting someone knowingly is a crime, this is not funny mum, n it’s a serious joke be very careful,” warned another user.

“Out of the 100 men you want to expose 90% of them also knows that they infected you….this Earth as no balance, meza dawa, fanya tizi, kula vizuri uachane na ujinga,” another Facebook user commented.” Commented another Kenyan.

Another one wrote: “Have you ever thought of the kind of stress you give your mom by your actions? Be lenient on her stop pushing her to the grave:

“We have serious diseases out there. Stop threatening people with aids. I hope you are ready with a good lawyer and enough cash since you should be aware that it is criminal to knowingly infect someone with aids. It is also an offence to reveal someone’s status without their consent.” Commented another Facebook user.

It is difficult to ascertain what the problem could be with Ruth James, but whatever it is, she should be careful enough to monitor her action. Such issues never go down well.

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