Embu: Man Beaten to Death for Failing to Pay Ksh.3000 Bar Bill

A man was beaten to death for failing to pay Ksh.3,000 bar bill. Tom Musyoki, 25, is said to have met his demise at a bar in Kangaru market in Embu County on Monday night after being beaten to death for failing to foot a Ksh.3,000 bill accumulated during a drinking spree.

Musyoki’s mother, Jecinta Matheka, said she was called at around 11 pm on the aforementioned date and informed that her son was receiving a beating at the bar.

Matheka said upon arriving, she pleaded with bartenders who were beating Musyoki and his two friends to release them, promising to raise the bill.

She stated that even after paying Ksh.2,000 of the bill, the bartenders still continued beating the boys demanding for the Ksh.1,000 balance.

“Nikawaambia mimi ndio mama mtoto, wasimchape tena. Sababu elfu mbili imelipwa, si mngojee hiyo ingine tulipe muachane nao? They didn’t listen to me, they threw me outside and demanded I clear the debt,” she stated.

Ms Matheka explained that they then rushed the boys to the Kerugoya hospital in Kirinyaga County since Embu health facilities were not working following an ongoing strike.

“We took them to hospital but when we were continuing with the process of admission, he died just as he was been processed,” Ms Matheka said.

The family is seeking justice saying Musyoki and his friends should have been taken to the nearby Kangaru Police Station instead of being subjected to such ruthless beating.

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