Electricity Restored after Hours of Blackout – Kenya Power

Kenya Power has said that power supply in most parts of the country that witnessed total blackout for the better part of Tuesday has been restored.

In a statement issued Tuesday evening, Kenya Power said it had restored power in most of the affected areas but it was still working on restoration in some regions.

Areas that are still affected including Garissa, Mwingi and Kitui have been assured that the problem would be resolved before the day ends.

“Power supply has now been restored to all parts of the country; except Garissa, Mwingi and Kitui which are expected to be back on by 6 pm,” read the notice.

Kenya Power has also noted that it is working to reinstall the earlier collapsed towers that led to the loss on Tuesday morning.

“Work has commenced reconstructing the collapsed electricity towers,” KPLC noted.

On Tuesday morning, the utility company explained that key towers at the Kiambere-Embakasi transmission line had slumped.

“We have lost power supply due to collapsed towers on the Kiambere – Embakasi high voltage transmission power line at 10.45 am this morning,” said Kenya Power.

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