Donald K’Omoro: A Note to Musalia Mudavadi

Omwami Musalia Mudavadi, you’re throwing tantrums like a jilted lover. Your declaration of an impending Tsunami come January 23 reminds me of Moses Wetangula’s reactions by move by ODM to replace him as Senate Minority Leader, with his Siaya counterpart James Orengo in March 2018, thus: “…If anyone wants a divorce it will be noisy, messy and unhelpful, and it will have causalities. We know nothing happened. Mere threats.

Quickly, here is why your croaking will not stop the cows from drinking:

Your village MCA & Governor are ODM blood and spirit. Reminds me of Kanu’s Gideon Moi who could not deliver Baringo County for BBI. This carefully means that the political premium we should attach to ANC is very negligible. The two big boys of the dance, Raila Amolo Odinga (RAO) & William Samoei Ruto (WSR) know this so don’t think they will give you much attention. Don’t even think that they will give you the running mate position. That is a carrot they are both dangling for Mt. Kenya.

Ear to the ground has it that OKA settled on Kalonzo Kalonzo as its presidential candidate. You were not in congruence because you thought you are the worthy boy. The consequence of this divergence from OKA will be the spin that whichever formation that you will join gave you a hand cheque. They will brand you a sell-out, a tag that will really bother you going forward.

The political climate is getting heated by the day. Nobody is waiting on OKA anymore. I hope you see that RAO & WSR are tearing into each other without mentioning OKA. This easily shows how inconsequential you are. I get it that the calculation was to be the running mate of either of them. What you forgot is that both of them have that Mt. Kenya fraction that keeps giving them a lot of headaches.

The two formidable formations are eating into the western Luyhia like an open marriage. They are not mindful of anything called ANC. I’m sure that over time people have warmed up to the idea that there is nothing like a western political party. You have your back against the wall Omwami Musalia Mudavadi!. You’re like that village lass who rejected all viable marriage proposals but because of age & other considerations, she must now settle for the village drunkard or the local assistant chief her father’s age who has 8 wives already.

Way forward

What must you do now? You have no option but to join Azimio or UDA on their terms. You’re literally at the mercy of RAO or WSR if your political life means something to you. You don’t even have the money to run for President on your own. The Gideon Moi purse is also shut for you unless you let him run for President then you be his running mate. That arrangement will also leave you at the lights when Gideon bolts to Azimio where his buddy Uhuru has cast his lot.

The best you can get from these formations is a promise for CS Finance or deputy PM or whatever that is lower. You can’t run for Governor of Vihiga. Why? Nobody takes you seriously there out of your fence. They say you’ve done nothing for them over the years. The Nairobi gubernatorial is already shaping up & I doubt if UDA would let you run. Tim Wanyonyi has already declared with Azimio so nobody wants to reduce Nairobi to a Luhya affair. There would be a Kikuyu blowback & nobody wants that now.

OKA is registered under Kalonzo’s Wiper Party. Gabriel Oguda asks: “…do you know what he did to RAO with ODM Kenya? If RAO didn’t quickly run to Mugambi Imanyara who had registered ODM he’d have seen the dust.” Food for thought.

Finally, and I think this is probably the most important Omwami, go easy on the bottle. It messed Uhuru up during his first term. Punctured his sails really bad, he hasn’t fully recovered politically. That thing will destroy your health & when it does the rest of us won’t even come to your funeral.

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