David Ole Sankok to be charged with improper storage of firearm after son’s death

Nominated MP David Sankok is set to be charged with improper storage of a firearm following the death of his 15-year-old son who allegedly died by suicide early this month.

This comes after government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor on Friday conducted a second autopsy on the deceased which revealed that the minor died from a single gunshot to the head.

Following the autopsy, the deceased’s body was handed over to Sankok and his kin for burial at their family home in Ewaso Nyiro, Narok County, on Saturday. 

Investigators are privy to the case proceedings, according to the Nation, say Sankok will be charged after burying his son. 

As per the Firearms Act, all licensed gun holders are expected to store their firearms and ammunition in a secure location, preferably a safe which is difficult to access for anyone without the required combination lock.

The exact circumstances in which the minor was able to access his father’s shotgun before allegedly taking his own life are still shrouded in mystery, prompting the charges. 

“Each store shall be, and be maintained constantly, secure to the satisfaction of the licensing officer, and shall have only one means of entry thereto, which shall be provided with two locks, of which master-keys shall be delivered to, and retained by, the licensing officer,” says the Firearms Act. 

Gun holders who fail to comply with the law risk a one-year prison sentence, a Ksh. 10,000 fine or both.

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