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Of the four Luo counties, Kisumu governor Prof Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o sleeps a happy man with shoes on his feet as the gubernatorial race nears.  This is because he’s in the race alone, and for the sake of democracy; he’s competing with his shadow.

Tight race in Luo

In Siaya, it will be a fight of the titans, likely to be witnessed in the ODM primaries pitting constitutional and legal powerhouse James Orengo, ex-police spokesman Charles Owino, former  Rarienda MP Nicholas Gumbo and Cornel Rasanga’s deputy governor James Okumbo. The matrix could be further complicated if the immediate former Jubilee Party Raphael Tuju joins the race to replace the underperforming Rasanga.

In Homabay, the race is even stronger than the relationship between Stivo Simple Boy and his lyrics. Homabay’s will Kenya’s Game of Thrones pitting Homabay’s Woman Rep Gladys Wanga, former Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero, Leader of Majority and ODM Chairman John Mbadi, and former Kasipul MP Oyugi Mangwanga. This, I tell you, will be a must-watch all horse race.

In Migori, the race is between Senator Ochillo Ayacko and Dalmas Otieno, who has recently joined the revived Jubilee Party, just to make political algebra to sound like Nuclear Physics.

Nyong’o’s easy ride to retain seat

In Kisumu, the incumbent Anyang’ Nyong’o is having such an easy walk in the race; he’s no longer running. And, should things remain constant like our salaries do despite daily increasing prices of unga, cooking oil and problems, the IEBC may declare no voting in the Kisumu’s gubernatorial election on August 9.

Anyang’ Nyong’o’s tenure has been so smooth that one wonders if Kisumu is the new baby’s cheeks. Add to the multiple failures of the first governor Jack Ranguma, Nyong’o is a saint.

Ranguma was weak. He was bullied by the MCAs like the 90’s form one leaner at Yuoth Onger Mixed Secondary School. He heeded every silly demand by the MCAs, who brandish impeachment calls whenever he remembered that the word ‘NO’ existed.

Ranguma also inherited a porous county, at the very time that Kisumu was experiencing the aftermaths of staging protests against the Uhuru’s administration following the 2013-disputed presidential election. Add to the fact that he was the first governor, under the promulgated 2010 which was characterised by decentralization, the gods were against Ranguma

Nyong’o, the luckiest governor

Campaigning against the incompetence of  Ranguma, the need for reforms and the verge of a possible Raila’s presidency, Nyong’o easily trounced Ranguma in 2017.

Unlike his predecessor, Nyong’o isn’t a weakling.

He managed to whip the MCAs, and curtailed their greed, snookered Senator Fred Outa, stamped authority in his leadership, courted the good relationship with the ODM party, took advantage of the cordial relationship between Uhuru and Raila – Handshake – and invested in PR. Nyong’o managed to shine because Ranguma didn’t know where the matchbox was to lit the candle.

Methinks with the winds of fortune blowing his way, Nyong’o, however, has done so little in his first term. But, he has done something. By crawling, a child learns how to stand.

No competition in Kisumu

The reason why Nyong’o will be re-elected could be because he managed to use PR effectively, and from the looks of things from River Nyando, it has worked for him. However,  the raison d’état why he will win his second term without campaigning is because he has an extremely weak opponent – or maybe, no opponent at all.

Previously, it was assumed that Senator Outa would jostle with the old good professor. Smelling humiliating defeat from Apida, Outa chickened out and threw the young and inexperienced Ken Outa in the ring.

ODM coroneted Baba Lupita on Friday 11 when Azimio la Umoja held its rally at Mambolea in Kisumu. Anyang’s perceived opponents were thrown in the back seat. When Obura spoke, he was booed. Anyang’ Nyong’o was the MC. If words are not enough, then actions are. 

Anyang’ Nyong’o is not your ordinary governor. He’s an intellectual per excellence. This gives him free entry into the political honchos’ club. He’s part of the tank that makes Azimio la Umoja a 10-point agenda.

A president is those who work for him, and Nyong’o is one of them. Do you expect President Raila to lose the election in his Kisumu backyard?

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