Zari Gifts Son A Mercedes-Benz

How far can you go when it comes to gifting your kids? Well, for Diamond’s baby mama-Zari Hassan- there seems to be no limits.

Last year, the South African based Ugandan business lady and socialite not only appointed his first-born son, Pinto Ntale, as the junior executive director of Brooklyn City College, but also gifted him a brand-new iPhone 14 pro max which retails between sh.140k to sh.300k.

As if this wasn’t enough, she recently went ahead and surprised him with a sleek Mercedes-Benz E- class for his 20th birthday. This she did after she made him believe that she was helping him find an office for his newly registered logistics company, only to surprise him with the posh car.

The mother of five has clearly pushed the envelope on how mother’s ought to celebrate their children.

Zari has always had a unique closeness with her kids, such that they get to have a say in her romantic life. This came to light when the socialite opened up about how her kids were uncomfortable with her recent partner Shackim. “They however asked him to take care of me after witnessing how happy and close we were”, she said. That says half of it if not all. I mean! What depths can you not reach expressing your love for your kids when you’re that close with them!



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