William Kabogo: Rigathi Gachagua is Not Selling in Mt Kenya

William Kabogo now says Martha Karua is stronger than Deputy President William Ruto’s running mate Rigathi Gachagua in the Mt Kenya region.

According to Kabogo, the nomination of Karua as Raila Odinga’s running mate has dented Gachagua’s popularity in the region.

He says Karua’s selection gave her an immediate lead of at least 3 or 4 percent against the Mathira MP.

 “The nomination of Martha Karua to be Raila Odinga’s running mate ate into Kenya Kwanza’s Mt Kenya bedrock and the picking of Rigathi Gachagua as Dr Ruto running mate eroded popularity that had been won. I would say Karua took the lead by 3 or 4 percent,” said Kabogo during an interview with NTV on Monday.

Kabogo further faulted the nomination as Gachagua to deputize Ruto, claiming that it has brought problems within the coalition.

“The nomination of Gachagua as running mate has brought a few drawbacks within Kenya Kwanza and it is something, if not said, we will not have said the truth but it is out there,” said 

He also dismissed the two-horse race narrative in the contention to the presidential seat, saying that the emergence of Wajackoyah has introduced a three-horse race.

He says that Wajackoyah’s prominence is inevitable as Kenyans have clearly showed support for him and it is assured that many will vote for him.

“We used to say there are two horses in the race. Today we cannot be too sure of the same. There are those who will vote for Raila Odinga, they have always been there. There are those who will vote for William Ruto and there are many who will vote for Wajackoyah,” he said. 

“I cannot explain what is happening about Wajackoyah. And if you turn a blind eye to that then you do not understand politics.”

Kabogo has recently been chastising ÙDA for sidelining other players in Kenya Kwanza coalition, saying they have been made to play second fiddle when it comes to addressing Kenyans on the campaign trail.


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