WhatsApp Introduces New Web Features

WhatsApp has announced that it is introducing new feature updates for the messaging application’s desktop version commonly known as WhatsApp web.

One feature is the user can control and manage calls while using the app on the web.

The user can now turn off all desktop incoming calls and incoming call ringtones.

“The second one is a new interface for Contact Info, Business Info, Group Info,” the website said.

 This is similar to the interface a user can see on their Android or iPhone when they are looking at a contact or group info.

The features will be seen by the users once they update the WhatsApp web version.

For others, however, their versions will be updated after some time.

Users can also edit photos and preview links in the web version as well.

With the links, users will get more context about what has been sent.

Adding a new ‘sticker’ suggestion feature, which when the user types they can find the right sticker for their conversation at the same time ensuring there is an end to end encryption.

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