Vera Sidika Spends Ksh.1.2M On Designer Bag and Sunglasses While on Vacation

Could this be the definition of you only live once?

If you think affording to go for a vacation in Dubai is a tour de force, Vera Sidika proved you wrong. She not only went to Dubai for a vacation, but also didn’t hesitate to splash ksh.1.2M on shopping in a bougie mall.

Flaunting the newly bought designer bags and sunglasses, the socialite took it to her Instagram captioning how addicted to she was to shopping for expensive stuff. “Addicted to expensive things, ksh.1.2M shopping for the day. Dior book tote bag, Dior Bobby bag, Fendi glasses and Gucci glasses”, she said.

Thinking it’s a onetime thing? You’re wrong again. Despite a series of criticism from social media, the opulent mother of two in a post on Instagram said she’d be back to the bougie store because for her, shopping never stops one it’s starts.

Could this be the definition of you only live once?

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