Rogue Nurse Found Guilty of murdering Newborns and Attempting to Kill More

The British nurse is said to have been gaslighting fellow nurses and doctors, attributing the deaths to "bad luck".

After a ten-month long trial, nurse Lucy Letby has been found guilty of murdering 7 newborns and attempting to take the lives of 6 more at Countess of Chester Hospital in Northwest England, where she worked for 6 years.

After meticulous investigations, it was discovered that the nurse modified her means of killing the babies in an attempt to cover her tracks. Her means varied from injecting air into the babies’ bodies, lacing their feeding bags with insulin, to feeding them with excessive amounts of milk.

The 33-year-old nurse was then arrested at her duplex home in Westbourne Road Chester, on 3rd July 2018, after several searches of her address. During the search, perturbing notes were discovered on which she admitted to killing the babies and further called herself horrible and evil, claiming not to be good enough. Could this be suggesting a possible mental illness?

The whole unthinkable incident was brought to light by one of the doctors who raised concerns about Letby’s link to the bizarre deaths. The British nurse is said to have been gaslighting fellow nurses and doctors, attributing the deaths to “bad luck”. Investigations were however prompted after more concerns were raised, ultimately leading to her arrest.

The affected families through the family liaison coordinator expressed their anger and distress on the debacle. “As much as justice has been served, it will not take away from the extreme hurt, anger and distress that we have had to experience”, they said.

Letby, who has since pleaded not guilty, is being investigated to determine the reason for her actions.

Isn’t it extremely saddening to witness how humanity has left humans? To the extent that the person trusted to take care is causing harm!

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