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Raila: Stop Blaming Uhuru over High Cost of Living

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga has defended President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration against accusations of failing to tame the high cost of living.

Speaking Tuesday in a televised interview, Raila took a swipe at DP William Ruto and his allies for what he described as ‘politicizing the cost of living despite being part of the government.’

“Some people are really trying to divert the attention of the public, playing populist politics with the cost of living. But the facts are that we (Kenya) did not harvest enough to satisfy the demands and needs of the country,” Odinga said.

He further attributed the current situation to other external factors around the world including the Russia-Ukraine war noting that other countries are also going through similar challenges.

Talks to President Kenyatta

When asked if he had discussed the issue with President Kenyatta, the ODM leader confirmed doing so but pointed out that the Head of State has been facing other challenges in his administration including the disagreement with his Deputy which he argues has affected service delivery.

“The major problem they have right now is that the current government is not walking together. Half of the government has been on a mission to oppose what the current administration is doing. They are playing politics with the lives of Kenyans,” Odinga said in reference to the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

Raila said he is not part of the government and all he can do is offer to advise the Head of State without interfering.

Kenyans not stupid

Raila also added DP Ruto should stop blaming the government over the current high cost of living conditions in the country while reaping benefits from the same government.

“It’s unfair to lay blanket blame. Somebody who is earning a salary has got over 250 security officers from the government defending him. He is using government vehicles and equipment to do the campaigns, to come out to say he is not in government and say ask mtu wa kitendawili ndio anajua,” he said.

He said Kenyans know very well that he is not in government and does not earn a salary or allowances from it adding that all he can do is offer advice which he said may not be necessarily implemented.

Martha Karua on her part said that Ruto should also take the blame for any government failures just like he associates himself with its gains.

“You can not also choose which part you will claim credit for and which part you disown. If somebody is standing on the podium and telling people that I have influenced this to happen in government they must also take the blame for any shortcoming of government,” Karua said.

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