President Kenyatta Urges Married Men to Take Care of their Families and Forget Mpango Wa Kandos

President Uhuru Kenyatta urged married men to prioritise the wellbeing and future of their families instead of spending their fortunes on ‘mpango wa kandos.’

The president made the remarks in Nairobi on Wednesday when he commissioned the latest phase of the national title deeds issuance programme which will see the immediate issuance of one million title deeds to land owners across the country.

The Head of State said it is alarming how men can easily abandon and fail to provide for their wives and families once they find themselves in an entanglement with other women.

He went on to use the title deeds issuance exercise as an example, noting once the documents are handed over to their respective owners, some male recipients will borrow loans with the intention of constructing residential units for their families only to get sidetracked and renege if another woman is in the picture.

“One of the problems with this exercise is that once a man is handed the document he will treat the parcel of land as his own and not his family’s. He might have been planning to take a loan and build a home for his family, but once he leaves the bank and meets up with his mistress the project is forgotten,” said President Kenyatta.

“You shouldn’t just abandon your family like that and leave them in poverty. Men should change their ways. The title deed belongs to your family and you need to take care of them so that you can safeguard the future of your children and grandchildren. Let us treat this as a valuable document, not as individually owned,” he advised.

He also said the national title deeds issuance programme has made it possible for Kenyans living in marginalized areas such as Samburu, Isiolo and Marsabit counties to legally own land thereby empowering them to develop economically.

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