Pomp and jubilation as MV Logos Hope finally docks in Mombasa

It was a display of pomp and colour that accompanied the arrival of the famous MV Logos Hope or the floating book fair.

The ship, which is known worldwide for being a floating library is expected to be at the port of Mombasa for forty five days within which the public will be given access to the vessel and a choice from the wide array of books on board.

MV Logos Hope is a fifty year old passenger vessel which is currently sailing under the flag of Malta. The ship contains a wide range of books in different genres including sci-fic, sports, art, medicine, Faith, culinary art and language.

Apart from being a library, MV Logos is also a vessel for visiting tourists. The vessel which has travelled to many parts of the world has offered an average of one million people daily a chance to access knowledge thereby improving the literacy and knowledge levels all over.

Residents have been urged to take advantage of the ships presence and utilize the books on board. The ship is expected to leave for Da es Salaam from Kenya and is expected to cover approximately 70 countries.

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