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Party Thinking of Changing Running Mate

A leader of a certain party is considering ways to persuade his recently named running mate for the top seat in the August Polls to drop his bid.

This comes after a rival coalition chose a woman as a running mate, a factor that has left them pondering the next move.

It is whispered that the confusion the party leader is in has never been witnessed for a long time. Members of the party say for a leader who has been chest-thumping how intelligent he is, they are now asking how he made such a regrettable choice owing that the person he chose as running mate is not popular within the party.

His running mate is said to be corrupt, has a loose mouth and cannot amount any campaign beyond certain constituencies in the country.

Another option on the table in case diplomacy fails is to re-engineer the multiple corruption cases waiting for him in the courts hoping that he will be barred to run for office.

With the submission deadline nearing, the coalition feels outfoxed by the political players from their rival alliance with some admitting how the leader of the rival party is a grand political chess master.

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