Memusi Sankok’s Death: Family Says They Don’t Know What Happened

David Ole Sankok’s family says Memusi Hillary Sankok was “too good to die so suddenly” and until now, they really don’t know what provoked his alleged suicidal ideation.

Memusi died from a single gunshot wound to the head on May 2, 2022, at his parents’ Ewaso Nyiro home in Narok South Sub-County. Authorities are investigating possible suicide.

The teenager allegedly used his father’s gun to take his own life. Memusi was buried today Saturday, May 14 at his parents’ Narok home.

His eulogy painted the picture of a young boy who had his life in order, balancing humour and responsibility needs very effortlessly.

“The first enduring trait of Memusi, which anyone who knew him will never forget, is the cheeky sense of humour. Memusi never failed to see the funny side of any situation, and to express it in his own unique way,” said his eulogy, which was read out during his burial.”

“He spread laughter and joy effortlessly. At home, any time Memusi walked in, we all knew we would smile, no matter what was going on. And that was the second unforgettable thing about Memusi: his smile. He smiled easily and often, exuding warmth and mischief depending on the occasion, and forcing anyone around him to smile back. He was a happy soul.”

The boy’s parents also eulogised Memusi as a responsible child, who knew when and how to be firm.

“The other enduring personality of Memusi that we shall never forget as a family, is his strong and firm sense of responsibility. People outside the family might not have known it, but within the family, we all knew we could count on Memusi, especially his siblings. We all knew that if anything needed to be done, Memusi would do it. If anything needed to be said, Memusi would say it.”

The family admits that different people perceived Memusi differently; based on their own biases, but to them, the teenager was a perfect son, whose death continues to confound them.

Memusi, the fourth born child in a family of seven siblings, would have turned 16 years old on May 28 this year.

By the time of his death, he was set to join Form Three at Kericho High School.

Several reports alleged that child-parent differences could have pushed Memusi to his death. That is yet to be established.

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