Magoha Makes U-turn on CBC Transition to Junior Secondary 

| All the existing boarding and day secondary schools will admit learners transiting from Grade 6 to Grade 7 under CBC

Education CS George Magoha announced new changes regarding the transition of learners from Grade 6 to Grade 7 in the Junior Secondary School.

Through a press statement released today, Prof Magoha clarified that Junior Secondary Schools will be in both boarding and day secondary schools across the country under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

On Monday, speaking during a webinar dubbed Sema na Spox, Technical advisor in the curriculum reforms department Ms Ruth Mugambi said the first cohort of Junior Secondary under the CBC learners would study in day schools and not boarding. She also mentioned that  learners will be domiciled in the available secondary schools and not in primary schools

“Junior secondary program is a secondary school affair and students will be taught by teachers at the level,” she said.

However, the latest announcement by CS Magoha has clarified the matter:

“All the existing boarding and day secondary schools will admit learners transiting from Grade 6 to Grade 7 under CBC based on the guidelines to be provided by the Ministry [of Education]” the statement reads in part.

In addition, CS Magoha announced the Ministry has identified a total of 1,500 primary schools that will host Junior Secondary Schools. This he argues, was because “they [primary schools] have adequate learning and teaing facilities and land for physical expansion.” These schools, the statement reads in part, “will be developed further to have a full-fledged secondary wing in future.”

For private schools, Magoha says the Ministry consulted and advised them, especially those within the urban areas, to set up a stand-alone junior secondary school to provide chances for learners to transition from primary to secondary level.

In preparation for Junior Secondary Schools, the government is constructing 10,000 classrooms in various schools across the country. Furthermore, secondary school teachers have been undertaking CBC training, an exercise that started Monday 9 April and is expected to end tomorrow.

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