Kenyan Man’s Body Stuck in Qatar Morgue Due to Lack of Repatriation Funds

Is Korir's case the first? Will it be the last?

In the recent years, there has been a worrying trend of loved ones getting stuck in foreign soils after their demise due to lack of repatriation funds.

Today, a family is pleading with the public for financial assistance to repatriate their son’s body from Qatar. Emmanuel Korir, who is said to have kicked the bucket while there, went to Qatar in 2016, left, then went back in 2018. His death is reported to have occurred naturally and his remains taken to a mortuary awaiting repatriation to Kenya.

The young man’s sponsor is alleged to have ditched them and separated himself from the financial responsibility. Efforts by the family through the Kenyan Embassy in Qatar to reach out to the sponsor have proven futile, leaving the family on its own. According to Nelly, Korir’s sister, they need sh.700,000 to not only cover repatriation costs, but also facilitate his burial in Eldoret, Kenya.

There have been claims that Korir had been laid off just before his death, with the family alleging that he hadn’t been paid for the three months he had worked. Sad and unjust, right?

Is Korir’s case the first? Will it be the last? Therefore, as much as families hope for the best sending their loved ones to foreign lands, they should also be financially and psychologically prepared for the worst in order to avoid finding themselves in such unfortunate scenarios.

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