Jimmy Arianda: Mudavadi should contest Nairobi gubernatorial seat

It’s almost guaranteed that the August 9 presidential election will be a two-horse race pitting ODM numero uno Raila Odinga and UDA’s William Ruto, and this is why Musalia Mudavadi should contest Nairobi gubernatorial seat

In the wise counsel of Chinue Achebe in Arrow of God “…a man who knows that his anus is small does not swallow an udala seed.” It would be foolhardy for Mudavadi to run for president knowing that he will be lose with a Biblical margin. The best option is for the son of Mulembe to run for the Nairobi gubernatorial race.

Mudavadi, Nairobi is suffering strong leadership

Nairobi lacks strong leadership. Evans Kidero did so little, and Mike Sonko literally did nothing. Instead, Sonko spent his time wearing heavy bling, partying and doing recording as a side hustle. Even the heavens were happy when he was impeached. The current governor’s tenure is short-lived. She will be the least remembered, except for her video recording Sonko posted online.

It’s no secret that President Uhuru Kenyatta had tried to rally Mudavadi and his counterparts in OKA to unit and support the candidature of Raila Odinga. These talks collapsed. And, while I may not be privy to the deals, it’s conceivable that the collapse was due to the hard stance that some of the OKA principals had placed before President Kenyatta.

And, this is where it gets better. Mudavadi can re-negotiate his way to run for Nairobi gubernatorial race. With Raila’s support and resources from other well-wishers, banking on the numerical support of the Luo, Kikuyu and Luyias in the City, Mudavadi is sure of winning the seat by 9 am on August 9. When there is a big tree, small ones climb on its back to reach the sun.

Mudavadi’s call for economic reforms

The son of Moses Mudavadi has always packaged his 2022 State House campaigns on economic reforms. Mudavadi has cited his era as Kenya’s Minister of Finance (1993 – 1997) during Moi’s error where he claimed he helped the country recover from economic comatose orchestrated by the Goldenberg Scandal of 1991 – 1993.

In his account: “The person who spotted the Goldenberg Scandal is Musalia Mudavadi. That is me. I was 29 years old but I went in there and I listened and understood and I realised this thing was a fraud.” 

“I am the one who stopped those processes and ordered the Price Water House report,” Mudavadi has always insisted.

Now, for a man who has become a motivational speaker on debt, loan management & economic recovery, Mudavadi’s managerial and administrative skills will be put to test as the governor of the capital to solve challenges like inadequate social services like schools and hospitals, poor garbage disposal service, inadequate clean water, inadequate public transport, high crime rate due to unemployment, HIV and AIDS pandemic, poor drainage and sewerage system, environmental pollution from industries and the mother of them all – corruption. If he will managed to arrest and jail these problems, then it will be a sure bet to climb to the presidency.

Political skills and network

The ANC leader will also gather important conflict resolution experience when he will battling MCAs over insignificant issues like trips to Arusha to learn manners, and passing county bills, among others.

MCAs can be petty and bully and how Mudavadi will avert threats of his impeachment will assure the county that he can lead, and have firm control of the Parliament. The crème de la crème of Mudavadi’s ANC is amani – peace; if he will have this in practice, and not, in theory, he will win the hearts of many Kenyans to vote him in ten years.

More significantly, the 7th Vice President will get rare opportunities to address a mammoth crowd when national and public holidays and functions will be held in Nairobi; a crowd that he can only admire in Raila Odinga’s rallies. We know that ANC is struggling and attracting huge gatherings has been its Achilles Heel. However, as the governor of the capital, such will be a thing of the past.

As the governor of the Capital City, Mudavadi will be at the epicentre of every international and other important meeting in Nairobi. He will be greeting Heads of States and Governments and other dignitaries who will come to Nairobi for diplomatic and other significant missions. He might as well accompany Kenya’s next president to foreign counties to attend meetings or just as an observer.

In his capacity as the Capital’s Governor, Mudavadi will have an opportunity to escalate his image, sound more serious, interact will different people from all backgrounds – all of which are recipes for the president of Kenya.

All these will be a radical shift from gracing funerals in Vihiga County, which he seems to comfortable with, to popularise his policies, surrounded by his party honchos, who, unfortunately, are his gweng’-mates.

With good calculations, the former rugby player will have international connections, prove to the Kenyans and the global community that he has the balls that cannot be easily squeezed when he assumes the Head of State, and Government, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, of the Republic of Kenya. If Mudavadi wants to ride with the big boys, as a child, he must wash his hands so that he may dine with elders.

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