Jimmy Arianda: Kalonzo meets his match in Mudavadi’s ‘earthquake’

SWEETHEART, do you remember at the height of 2007/08 post-election violence when Raila Odinga held Mwai Kibaki by his balls but before the dust settled, Kalonzo Musyoka on January 3, 2008, sneaked into State House and signed an MoU with Kibaki to make him the Vice President? Today’s Mudavadi’s much-hyped ‘earthquake’ turned kalausi was a déjà vu!

You see by Kalonzo Musyoka siding with Kiabki, it legitimized Kibaki’s presidency and weighed down on Raila’a bargaining power. 

Before today, Mudavadi had in no uncertain terms, said he wouldn’t invite his ‘worthy political competitors’ – reads Raila and DP Ruto to his ‘tsunami’ aka ‘earthquake’ announcement. But that didn’t happen.

Mudavadi, the master of political deceit 

If Kenyans are looking for Le Grand Master of Political Deceit, then it’s Musalia Mudavadi. Mudavadi wears a cool and a gentleman’s demeanour, but inside him, rests a dangerous infectious bacteria of political conman-ship.

OKA’s principals – Kanu’s Moi, Wiper’s Kalonzo – and lone-ranger ODM’s Jimi Wanjigi, graced their ‘brother’s’ big day, only to be shocked at a contingent of William Ruto’s UDA associates. Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa didn’t shy off as he sweetly walked wearing a t-shirt branded with UDA and ANC colours – and that is when they noticed the red alert and walked away.

By inviting DP Ruto and his bandwagon to his all-important day incommunicado, Mudavadi demonstrated his salient trait of a cunning and untrustworthy politician.

History, with authority, unclothes Mudavadi

In 2022, when Raila Odinga gathered troops against the 24 years of D.T. Moi’s misrule, Mudavadi didn’t join the Rainbow Alliance. He succumbed to pressure from Moi based on Moi’s long history with Mudavadi’s father, the late Moses Mudavadi.

Raila writes in Flames of Freedom that: “…Mudavadi called me and told me he was throwing his weight with Moi buy said  he hoped to use his position to facilitate dialogue.”

What a way to abandon liberation for greed! With this, Mudavadi holds little history as the shortest-serving Vice President. He was named the fourth vice-president under Moi, and Kenya’s seventh since independence, serving from 4 November 2002 to 3 January 2003

Kalonzo will need some break to swallow and internalize this kind of betrayal – he is not used to it. Kalonzo, can’t believe that that the winner of political betrayal this time is Musalia Mudavadi.

Kalonzo’s pain is further deepening by the fact that not long ago, the OKA committee that was formed to determine a suitable formula for flag-bear, placed him ahead of Mudavadi in all circumstances. In the formulae, the committee proposed a Kalonzo-Mudavadi ticket. And Mudavadi having smelt the coffee skipped the last day of the 3-day Naivasha retreat.

It is then that Musyoka went to find solace in his Yatta home – an event that was unceremoniously interrupted by a snake. In the all-Kamba meeting, Kalonzo retaliated that his name must be on the ballot, come what may and that his OKA counterpart Mudavadi should accept the proposals.

Kalonzo’s heydays of betrayals 

And Kalonzo has had his heydays of betrayal.

In June 2007, he had announced taking over ODM-Kenya for a partnership with Prof Ojiambo Julia’s Labour Party of Kenya. This was in direct disappointment to Raila Odinga who had hoped for a nomination for a presidential candidate against Kibaki.

Kalonzo then went ahead to have negotiations with the Party of National Unity (PNU) headed by President Mwai Kibaki. The idea, as Raila narrates in Flames of Freedom, was to split ODM-Kenya so that PNU could work with Kalonzo.

Musyoka claimed ownership of ODM-Kenya because his friend Dan Maanzo held the registration certificate. It was Paul Muite, who urged Raila to talk to Milton Mugambi Imanyara to sell him the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) – without ‘Kenya’ – having registered it after the November 21, 2005 referendum.

In the events preceding the 2007/08 PEV, and even Kalonzo after being named Kibaki’s vice president, Kalonzo abandoned Prof Ojiambo like a hot potato. She was not even considered for a ministerial job in the Grand-coalition government arrangement. Remember, Prof Ojiambo was Kalonzo’s running-mate in the 2007 presidential election.  

Now, seeing Musyoka and Mudavadi publicly displaying a lack of trust, to say the least, brings me joy. At least, for politicians who, in my opinion, have never gone through political betrayal, it is their time to write their stories!

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