Indomie is not safe for consumption – warns COMESA

Concerns raised over the safety of popular Indomie instant noodles after the Food Safety Authority of Egypt banned its chicken and vegetables flavoured instant noodles as well as instant noodles with chilli packs from the Egyptian market, citing that it’s unsafe for human consumption.

Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) Competition Commission (CCA) has raised an alarm that similar products are being imported and marketed in the other COMESA  Member States which includes Kenya.

“The Commission would like therefore to alert the general public of the risks in consuming above Indomie instant noodles as established by the FSA and to exercise caution on the consumption of the same,” a statement issued indicated.

Food safety tests conducted by the Egyptian agency found that Indomie’s chilli packets and the chicken and vegetable flavour packets contained “aflatoxins and pesticide residues in quantities that exceeded safe limits.”

“Other than those three products, Indomie instant noodles were generally found to be safe for human consumption,” a statement shared by CCA indicated.

In addition, the producers of Indomie Egypt were urged to remove the claim written on the product packages regarding the benefits of vitamin B and mineral salts of iron, zinc and calcium.

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