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IEBC: You Will Not Need To Cast Ballot For All Six Elective Posts

The IEBC has announced that voters will not be required to vote for all six elective positions when they arrive at their respective polling stations.

Voters will be given six ballot papers to cast for the six candidate slots available at polling stations.

During a voter simulation exercise on Sunday, the IEBC stated that voters will have the option of voting in all ballot boxes provided or only those they prefer.

Nairobi County elections manager Gogo Nguma stated that the option will help to avoid a repeat of the 2017 polls, which resulted in the nullification of results.

Nguma further highlighted that the unmarked ballot papers must be dropped in the corresponding ballot papers “to account for each and every ballot paper.”

“The law does not allow the voter to give us the ballots,” added Nguna clarifying that the ballot papers will not be returned to them.

During a hearing before the Supreme Court in 2017, the commission failed to explain where unused ballots were deposited after the court heard that many voters only voted for presidential candidates while ignoring other elective slots.

The hearing was presided over by Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, who questioned the commission about where the unmarked ballot papers were deposited and how they were accounted for.

Mwilu then stated that the lawyers’ explanation was unsatisfactory after they failed to persuade the court with their response.

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