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I Have Seen Caanan, The Land Of Milk And Honey, The Land Of No Woman No Cry – Raila Makes Final Submission 

Raila Odinga on Saturday held his final campaign mega rally at the Kasarani stadium, where he expressed confidence in clinching victory at next week’s polls.

Addressing a mammoth of supporters at the packed arena, Raila urged them to turn in large numbers on August 9 and cast their votes to ensure he, alongside his running mate Martha Karua, ascend to the presidency.

Raila once again vowed to weed out corruption if elected Head of State, reiterating his promise to introduce the social protection fund where needy families will receive Ksh.6,000 monthly.

He pledged  to implement this within his first 100 days in power “until they can reach a place where they’re able to feed their children without our help.”

“We’re on the verge of a great victory. I, Raila Amollo Odinga, have seen Canaan; the land of milk and honey, the land of no woman cry.  I have seen the promised land, the land of the ‘redemption song’.  We know the battle is hardest when victory is nearest. Get ready my dear Kenyans, and keep the spirit of Aluta Continua,” he said.

“Next Tuesday, all Azimio followers are to be at their polling stations by 6 am and cast their votes. August 9th marks the seventh multiparty election in Kenya. Let us vote early, let us win early. I need the vote of each and every one of you listening to me now.”

He added: “People have asked us how we will give Ksh.6,000 to poor families, but that is the wrong question. The question you should be asking is how are a few corrupt people getting to be paid Ksh.800 billion every year from our budget? If we can afford to pay Ksh.800 billion to conmen, we can pay a mere Ksh.6,000 to known and real Kenyans struggling with life.”

The ODM boss further thanked his supporters for standing by him throughout his liberation journey, most especially his family and wife Ida Odinga whom he described as “the strongest woman known to me.”

He also commended his running mate Karua for her contribution to the struggle, terming her as a fully-fledged freedom fighter who has maintained her stand even through the toughest of times.

Raila however, poured scorn at their opponents in the DP William Ruto-led Kenya Kwanza camp, presumably referring to them as joyriders who have never had to fight for any form of Kenya’s freedom.

“Fellow Kenyans, thank you for keeping the flames of freedom alive in our country. Thank you also for standing with me in the many years of struggle to liberate Kenya. Thank you for the battles we have fought together. The journey has been long, But I have not fought alone or felt lonely; we have fought together,” he said.

“Fellow Kenyans, by voting in our next deputy president, Martha Wangari Karua, you will have a complete army to fight for you and our country. Martha is a freedom fighter; she has stood for the rights of the people of Kenya. She has paid a price for it. She has stood straight even in times of great difficulty, that is something you won’t find on the other side; there are neither fighters nor fighting spirits on the other side.”

He added: “There’s no known fight for a better Kenya that has been led by people on the other side, the fighters are on this side. Wako hapa Kasarani leo. In my government, there will be no revenge. I choose to be the president for all.”

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