Harmonize proposes to lover Frida Kajala

Tanzanian musician Harmonize has proposed to his lover and manager Frida Kajala on Saturday during a luncheon courtesy of the two lovebirds at Serena hotel in Dar es Salaam.

In a video doing rounds on social media, the ‘Happy birthday’ singer who is rocking an all-white suit, is seen going down on his knee taking Kajala by surprise.

Kajala promised to love her now fiancé ‘today, tomorrow and forever.’ 

“Rajabu… Nitakupenda Leo, Kesho, Hadi Milele(I will love you, today, tomorrow and forever,” Kajala said.

Speculations are rife on what this will mean to them since Kajala is a Christian and Harmonize is a staunch Muslim.

Kajala’s daughter Paula was among those present to witness her mother’s special day.

The engagement came as a surprise to many given that the two just got back together less than a month ago following a nasty breakup.

Since Kajala came back into Harmonize’s life, he has been making headlines for the number and type of gifts he has been showering Kajala with.

A while ago, Kajala flaunted a number of gifts Harmonize had endowed her with.

The mother of one shared a short video of the gifts Harmonize bought her which she captioned, ‘Thank you, baby, with a love heart emoji’

They included expensive chocolates, designer sunglasses, perfume, a cap, and a Burberry bag which retails for around Ksh 100,000 in online stores.

When Harmonize was working hard in trying to woo his heartthrob back by buying her the two Range Rovers, a very humble Harmonize opened up on how she changed his life revealing that she once housed him for months, something that the public had no clue about.

I miss you so please come back and let us pick up from where we left. Don’t be worried by people who’ll say that you took me back because of these gifts. Nobody knows I have lived in your house for months and nobody knows that you have supported me so much and I didn’t even buy you a bicycle. Harmonize



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