Government Unveils New Funding For College Students

Vulnerable and extremely needy students will not pay fees effective this year, according to a new model of funding university education. President William Samoei Ruto said the funding will be through government scholarships, loans and bursaries

The government of Kenya has introduced a new model of funding university education that exempts vulnerable and extremely needy students from paying fees. President William Samoei Ruto made the announcement, stating that funding for these students will be provided through government scholarships, loans, and bursaries.

According to the President, students from financially disadvantaged households who are joining universities will receive government scholarships of up to a maximum of 53%, as well as loans of up to 40%. The remaining seven percent of the cost of their university education will be paid by their households.

The President added that students joining Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions will receive government scholarships of up to a maximum of 50%, as well as loans of up to 30%.

This move is aimed at reducing the financial burden on vulnerable and extremely needy students who may not have been able to afford university education. It will also help to increase access to higher education for deserving students who have previously been excluded due to financial constraints.

President Ruto emphasized that the government is committed to supporting education in Kenya and that this new funding model is a step towards achieving that goal. The government hopes that this initiative will help to build a more skilled and educated workforce, which will in turn contribute to the country’s economic growth and development.

The President encouraged students to take advantage of these opportunities and pursue their dreams of higher education. The government, he said, is committed to creating an enabling environment for all Kenyans to reach their full potential.

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