Freedom Is Here But LGBTQIA+ Is Where Kenya Kwanza Draws The Line

In their spirited campaigns during the immediate election, the Kenya Kwanza prophesied freedom, however, the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual, and more, otherwise, LGBTQIA+ is where they’ve hitherto drawn the line.

The Wheelbarrow Government didn’t say expressly that this hyped freedom would be limited, just like Kenya Power Limited is rationing the supply of electricity without a warning, yet we pay for the services.

We weren’t supplied with mwakenya that this proclaimed freedom was intended for people who’ve raped Chapter 6 of our hard-fought Constitution 2010 so that they’d be included in the cabinet. If Odhiambo Kauma is looking for a title of a new book, then it should be “A Cabinet of Owls,” because our Parliament has in a historic record, passed the morality litmus test with rainbows colors.

Going by what the Directorate of Criminals Investigation has done, this freedom was for those with graft cases, criminals, murder suspects, and tax evaders to buy their way out of Kamiti, and Kodiaga Maximum Security Prisons. The Directorate has since declared them as white as cotton and anyone with doubts should save us from the unnecessary noise until Manchester United finds a team to draw with. 

This freedom, as it professes right now, means Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua can open his mouth anyhow engaging in matters of the Central Bank, of which he has very remote knowledge. And, when he’s bored, he can tell us how much to give our women to do their hair. Gachagua has also morphed into a whistle-blower, threatening to name those who stole our billions in the last moments of the last era

Clearly, it meant President William Ruto spending whooping billions attending churches, and praying for the rain, but tightening the belt on the fight against corruption is where he complains of the belt crushing his waist.

Supreme Court Ruling

The Mkokoteni government was in bed with the Supreme Court, but when the latter said LGBTQIA+ could’ve freedom of association, they’re accusing the Martha Koome-led Court of coming too fast.

Kenya Kwanza maintained the Apex Court’s ruling that upheld their election was inspired by God. Things have since changed because the question of LGBTQIA+ is here.

They’re saying there’s a need to review the relationship between God and the State. Others speaking what the President can’t say in public are whispering that the judges must’ve backslid and joined the opposition who don’t believe in God.

The government was mute when the same Court ruled [that] “come we stay” isn’t a form of marriage. Those who had intended to use this practice to reap cassava they didn’t sow had nowhere to go but to shed crocodile tears in the toilet. No one defended them.

Selective Amnesia 

We should altogether forget about the day the Government will stand for the rights of prostitutes. Those folks see long nights, I tell you. The deep silence by the government is probably because prostitution is ungodly, as they’d have both their say and way. Any idea that a God-inspired government would accept all sinners is daydreaming.

The plight of the LGBTQIA+ community can’t surpass the need to create the Office Of The Spouse To The Prime Cabinet Secretary. We also have Cabinet Administrative Secretaries (CAS) – unconstitutional, but the Courts have since declared them constitutional and will apologize for having previously said that were unconstitutional.  

CAS was created by ex-President Uhuru Kenyatta to reward his family, relatives, friends, and political rejects. As it stands, President Ruto is reverting Uhuru’s projects, but this one. Perhaps, that slap could’ve made some sense. 

The government is not having a strong stand on a number of issues that certainly matter. There’s nothing constructive on the amorphous Competency-Based Curriculum. There’s nothing substantial about environmental conservation, and most important, graft, bandit attacks, mosquito bites, and everything wrong, but LGBTQIA+ is where their loud mouth is roaring.

Prayers for the Nation

LGBTQIA+ community having the freedom to associate has scared professed saved First Lady so much that she introduced mandatory fasting for State House staff every Wednesday. In addition, she established Faith Diplomacy Office which, she said, will be “spreading a praying culture across the country.” This was after she declared national prayers against homosexuality in the country, declaring the practice as “a threat to the institution of the family…[since] LGBTQ+ is forbidden even in the Bible and the African culture.” 

If she would’ve focused her energy on pushing her husband-led government to stop blaming the Russian-Ukraine war for the desertification of rains, a 2-kilogram of maize flour would be competing with prices of Kensalt on our shelves. And if that is asking too much, knowing what happened to Meshack Yebei wouldn’t require a wheelbarrow of prayers.

As a country, we’ve got a tendency of going into a religious mode when we have little understanding about something, but investing in matters that matter like funding research on cancer, HIV & AIDS, malaria, and technology, we politely go incognito. 

The LGBTQIA+ community by now should know the Yellow Government is more interested in setting their beef with the Kenyattas, and Odingas, bringing tax evaders to book, organizing prayer rallies for the rain, baptizing criminals with State jobs, and giving advice on marriage. I thought this a brainer; the Ruto-led administration can’t allow men and women who can’t know the sweetness beneath natural elements to distract a prayerful Christian nation from achieving its dreams of having everyone saved as we wait to enjoy our investments in Heaven. 

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