Forget The Noise, President Ruto Should Travel A Lot More

Kenyans calling President William Ruto “The Flying President,” don’t know how the government operate and should think four times before opening their big mouths.

Hitherto, the President has made 38 trips only in his first year in office, and some people are already calling their friends to make some noise. Will they call Hamas when the President will be done with first term? How idle are they, counting the times the President flies out of the country? if they have no meaningful thing to do, they should count rice from Oketha, at the Ahero Irrigation Scheme.

President Ruto is God-sent. Who knows if he speaks to God when in the skies? and if you doubt, wasn’t he the one who intervened and now we are missing El Nino? Because like he said, El Nino would’ve been disastrous, and further escalate the prices of petrol.

Mr William Ruto was elected on the platform that he would lift the hustlers from bottom to up. How else can that be if he confines himself in the State House? The few travels alone have seen him secure more jobs for Kenyans. If you doubt, why did the Immigration Department run out of papers for printing passports? Or even more evident, why did the President include Diaspora Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the small cabinet reshuffle?

Ruto Travels Are Fruiful 

The last time the President was in the United States, his wife Rachel Ruto flew to Orlando, Florida, together with her team, to ask American preacher Benny Hinn to attend a crusade in Nairobi. Who knows? next time they’ll travel to Israel, the President and the wife might meet one of the uncles of Prophet Elijah and ask him to come steal the limelight from our own Prophet David Owuor.

President Ruto also announced recently that Saudi Arabia would require 350,000 Kenyans to work for them. In Saudi, the citizens have refused to work. The Saudi government specifically asked for Kenyans because of their work ethics.

Ruto also asked China for a $1 billion loan and a debt repayment restructuring plan. Haters will say the Kenya Kwanza criticized Uhuru Kenyatta’s heavy borrowing, but the difference is on the wall. Uhuru borrowed to sustain the Handshake, while Ruto is borrowing to repay debts Uhuru incurred.

When some Kenyans who don’t know where the world is head complained that the trips the President makes are expensive. Like a caring and listening leader, Ruto cut down his travel budget by 500 million shillings. Please, don’t ask how much one trip costs because it’s not like the President placed a gun on your head and asked you to vote for him.

Ruto Cuts Travelling Budget 

The budget cut also came with orders barring government officials from unnecessary travels abroad. Our President is a jealous type and wouldn’t want a situation where when he jets in at JKIA, some junior government officials are jetting out. In addition, there shouldn’t be any confusion on who speaks on behalf of the Kenyans at the global arena. The cabinet secretaries who’d want to fly abroad should prove beyond reasonable doubt, why tax payers should fund their exquisite travels. Otherwise, they should first familiarize themselves with what’s going on in their ministries, because it seems the President knows much than they do.

When the President came up with the Housing Levy, and consequently said the youths would work in the affordable housing sector, those with short vision called him names. Some we know nicknamed him “Zakayo,” linking him to the Biblical Zachariah whose appetite for taxes was legendary. But now with the Israel bombardments of the Gaza Strip, the labor our youth were to offer in Kenya maybe be much more needed in Palestine. That’s what we call export labor for those who only went to school during P.T.A. meetings.

And by the way, to the loud mouths, you won’t admit Ruto’s international tours have paid off. The King of England, Charles III, and [his] Queen Camilla , are coming to Kenya. Kenya will be their first country to visit since they were crowned. Imagine your colonizer visiting after taking everything from you sending you to abject poverty to see how you’re doing? It must be nice, mustn’t it?

You shouldn’t say a thing, because as Ruto takes foreign and domestic travels, everything else is going on smoothly, unless you have eyes but you don’t see. The capitation for Primary, Junior and Secondary school learning is timely done, and so is the new university funding model. The petrol price is now in tandem with the international standards, and everyone will contribute to the social scheme, together with paying the small housing levy.

Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin’ to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips,
just a bunch of gibberish and haters act like they forgot about Arap Samoei. 

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