Do you want to do B.ED? Here are the next teaching subjects in high demand for employment with the TSC

Here are the next teaching subjects in high demand for employment with the TSC – Coming September, students to wrote the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) will be joining different universities to take various courses. With exception of Medicine and Engineering related courses, other courses take four years.

Now, what is important after completion of a course is securing employment. Thankfully, for those who will be taking Bachelor of Education (B.ED), there are high chances that you may not tarmac for long before getting a teaching post. However, you need to be strategic about your teaching subjects selection.

There are two types of employment for teachers.

There are teachers who are employed on terms of a school’s Board of Management (BoM) and teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Now, due to the ongoing restructuring as proposed by the International Monetary Funds (IMF), the TSC has been employing teachers on contract – commonly called interns (for internships).

Whatever the case, it is the dream of most teachers not employed by the TSC on Permanent and Pensionable (P&P) to secure such employment. For one, it comes with incredible job security.

What will make you get absorbed quickly by the TSC is your teaching subject combination. This is because there are some subjects that are more in-demand than others. It is unfair, but that is how the market works.

It must also be noted that the demand for these teaching subjects depends on the season. For instance, between 2007 – 2011, a combination of Kiswahili/ History was hot and so was [and has been the case with] Biology/Agriculture, Mathematics/Physics between 2016 – 2021. However, this situation may not remain constant, as years come.

This article is to help those who are going to join B.ED make better choices as far as teaching subjects are concerned.

  1. Teaching Subjects in High Demand: Mathematics/Business Studies

If you have been keen on the TSC available vacancies, you will agree with me that teachers with Mathematics/Business Studies combination have stayed out for a long time without getting absorbed by the TSC.

This could be because Mathematics has been taken along Chemistry and Biology, and on the other hand, Business Studies being a selective subject, many schools needed not to employ many teachers to handle the subject. Plus, Business Studies as an optional subject, has been taken along with History, Kiswahili, and Geography.

But things are slowly changing. Lately, many schools are looking for teachers with Math/Bus combination for employment on BoM terms and this means that it will be in demand. This is a piece of good news for future teaches. I project that the demand for this will be in high demand.

  1. Teaching Subjects in High Demand: Geography/_____

There is a report that many students are not taking Geography in secondary schools. And, especially in day schools, it is not strange to find that those taking Geography are likely to be less than ten candidates.

This case eventually means that the students taking Geography as a teaching subject in the universities are few, but even more understandably, not all students who take Geography proceed to join university, and even those who join university, do not necessarily take Geography.

This in itself is a valid reason why you should consider taking Geography as one of your teaching subjects.

Lately, I have seen so many schools advertising for teaching vacancies with a combination of Geography – and the emphasis has been Geography with any combination.

My bet would be Geography/Mathematics/CRE/History/Business will be in high demand. There is Geography/Kiswahili, but lately, it is not very popular.

  1. Teaching Subjects in High Demand: Chemistry/Physics/Biology/Mathematics

In most cases, most schools have two Sciences as compulsory subjects that all students must take. This underscores the high demand for these teaching subjects.

And what is more? Not many students do well in these subjects. Lately, performance in Biology has been disappointing, and Mathematics as well.

As for Physics, the case is more or less like Geography. Apart from the fact that not many students take it, even those who take it, a larger number hardly score the minimum requirement of C+ (grade).

Plus, a number of students who score high grades in Physics opt for other courses in Engineering, Computer-related courses.

My good guess is that Mathematics/ Physics, Chemistry/Biology would make one get absorbed faster.

You need to note that these are based on projections, and there is a 96% chance that this will be the situation in the next 10 years. Choose wisely and avoid ‘tarmacking’ for long.

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