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CUE withdraws letter revoking Sakaja’s Team University degree

The Commission for University Education has withdrawn the letter revoking Nairobi Gubernatorial UDA Candidate Johnson Sakaja’s Team University degree pending further investigations.

The same matter was communicated to the Court in an affidavit sworn by CUE Chairman Prof Chacha Nyaigotti, in reference to an application filed by Sakaja.

In his application dated 21st June, Sakaja wanted Prof Chacha to charge with mockery and contempt of Court orders for disregarding orders served to him last week.

He argued by issuing a press statement on the matter on 20th June, Prof Chacha was in contempt, disregard and disobedience of court orders and his actions amounted to a direct challenge and dare of the authority of the court.

Sakaja, therefore, wanted the CUE chairman arrested and presented in court for breach of orders of the Court.

In his replying affidavit, Prof Chacha argues the application has been overtaken by events since the letter revoking his degree has been withdrawn.

“I have advised CUE advocates on record that this honourable Court lacks jurisdiction to hear and determine the application herein,” He argues.

Prof Chacha maintains CUE has the exclusive function of recognising and equating degrees.

He says it is improper for Sakaja to call upon the Court to pre-empt the outcome of ongoing investigations adding that the Court should also not sit to determine whether CUE’s decision is right or wrong on facts, unlike an appellate court.

“This court may not substitute the decision of the Commission with its own. I am advised by CUE advocates that such action is outside the purview of Judicial review,” he said.

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