Cop charged with attempting to kill his wife, children

A police officer has been charged at Makadara Law Courts with five counts of attempting to cause the death of his ex-wife in 2019.

Daniel Nzuso Mutisya is alleged to have unlawfully attempted to cause the death of his wife Josephine Mutindi Kithu on January 9, 2019, in Mowlem area.

According to court documents, he intentionally attempted to light a gas cooker with a matchbox in an attempt to burn the ex-wife and children who were at home at the time.

In the second count, the police officer is accused of threatening to kill his ex-wife by uttering some words without a lawful excuse.

On other counts, Mutisya, a general duty officer in Ruai was accused of attempted arson, assault and resisting arrest by police officers.

 On a material day, it is stated that the accused and his wife were in the house in the evening hours where they engaged in an argument over a domestic issue.

This degenerated into a fight which attracted their house girl who intervened in an attempt to save the situation.

At the same time, their teenage daughter raised an alarm and attracted neighbours who came and put off a gas which she claims were on.

During the scuffle, it is stated that the accused threw a beer bottle at the neighbours who had responded to the alarm having assaulted the ex-wife.

According to police details, officers who were alerted arrived and arrested Mutisya and escorted him to the Dandora police station.

However, Mutindi is said to have later requested police to release him on the condition that he wouldn’t disturb her again.

Reportedly, Mutindi decided to revive the case after two years after an unidentified bodaboda rider kept visiting the home and inquiring from her workers if she was around.

This is said to have scared her with the suspicion that the unidentified rider could be having malicious intentions.

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