Confusion Is Uhuru Kenyatta’s Lasting Legacy He Left Us

I’ll say it because it is what it is; Uhuru Kenyatta was a mistake president Kenyans should’ve avoided like a stinking odour coming from a rotten wound.

Uhuru’s presidency was an afterthought to escape the wrath of The Hague. Having been accused of the worst crime against humanity, and The International Criminal Court ready to make him customised prison clothes, he should have seen the State House on YouTube while in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, politics had its way as the victims of the bloodletting 2007/8 Post Election Violence had their say.

The son of Jomo inherited a stable economy from ethnocentric Mwai Kibaki. However, Uhuru’s 2013 -2022 painted any success black, and William Ruto’s mkokoteni administration will have sleepless nights in a bid to arrest the ghost of the Kenyatta’s.


Corruption is the bigger brother of tribalism, and nepotism, and Uhuru escalated this vice to a new whole level. So corrupt was Mr Kenyatta’s regime that a year ending without a scandal would’ve been taken for a mistake.

From the Standard Gauge Railway heading nowhere, billions lost in the Ministry of Health, laptop project [designed to fail], Huduma Number nonsense, and Covid-19 billionaires, among others we don’t know, so overwhelmed was Uhuru he at one point asked us what he should do to tame corruption.

The corrupt ate with big spoons, unashamedly. And, as a way of fighting corruption, Uhuru in his wisdom changed the currency and ordered for life audit that never was. By changing the currency, he had hoped the corrupt would confuse how Kenyan currency looked like and instead steal from Ugandans.

How Uhuru wasn’t awarded a medal for his ingenious war against corruption should be enlisted as world’s greatest mistake.

As he was leaving office after promising not to hand power to a thief, eating ugali was a preserve of those with fat bank accounts.

Ironically, those accused of corruption and arrested were officers who were not supporting his political stand. Those on the right side of the government then continued eating more than they deserved from the public coffers.  

Corruption is now eminent in Ruto’s administration in the name of fertilizers importation of maize, and so many are yet to come. Definitely, there’ll be an emergence of nouveau riche under this baby regime. Also, those who’ve found freedom, are witnessing how their corruption cases are dropping like it’s hot, while others, not Kenya Kwanza’s favourites are still asking why their God has abandoned them.

Handshake, and BBI

To clothe his nakedness, President Kenyatta shook hands with Raila Odinga in what became known as a Handshake. And to make it colourful, they came up with Building Bridges to their ego Initiative (BBI). 

The amorphous Handshake & BBI, in a nutshell, was an avenue for Uhuru to work – if being absolutely incompetent is considered working these days, and to keep Raila busy.

Uhuru had learnt from Kibaki; to tame the ever-egocentric maniac Raila was to work with him and give him something to run around the country with. 

In the post-2007 election, Kibaki pinched bread for Raila. He miraculously forgot the loud silence of the election victims. He preached reconciliation without action and to keep hope alive, promised a 2010 Constitution as a panacea to Kenyan’s problems. 

African culture warns it’s bad manners to talk with food in the mouth. As Raila ate, enjoying the luxury that accompanied working with Uhuru’s government, he went dead silent about the ills of the Jubilee theft jamboree, and the plight of the 2013 and 2017 election victims. This a classic example of dance macabre.

BBI was a monstrous creature, which aimed, among others, to establish an imperial presidency and distribute political powers among the old, tired, and ideologically redundant tribal chiefs masquerading as national leaders.

Thank goodness! BBI was killed in the High Court, a requiem mass held at the Court of Appeal, and was buried permanently in the Supreme Court. BBI must never be “a dream deferred.”  

The ghosts of Handshake & BBI today witnessed Ruto’s attempts at disintegrating the opposition and creating extra-constitutional offices like that of Musalia Mudavadi’s, with the view of accommodating political allies.

Like colonialism, it’ll a radical approach to getting rid of Uhuru’s confusion and the hangover therein. Nothing has changed hitherto. Same monkeys, someone would observe, just different trees.

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