CJ Koome Lowering Judiciary Pants For Politicians

By Jimmy Arianda & Aggrey Bando

As if it was not enough Chief Justice Martha Koome invited politicians to construct and maintain the Judiciary’s bathroom, she’s now lowering the pants for them and as for the consequences, it will be noisy, messy and unhelpful, with causalities.

When she was seeking to be the top judge, asked how she’d navigate the often stormy relationship with the executive, Koome said she’d resolve the fracas over a cup of tea with the president.  We had imagined she was referring to the normal tête-à-tête while sipping coffee. But, now that season for speaking in tongues is over, the revelations are no longer mere hypotheses.

Judicial Capture

A whole Supreme Court dressed in full judicial regalia queuing during the opening of the 13th Parliament to receive politicians? How did we arrive here? This is the path to judicial opaqueness. 

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, let’s assume their actions were acts of their god, as they lined up to receive the gift given to them by Jose Camargo. 

By her demeanour, the supposed to be the Head of the Judiciary has forgotten why we bestowed the honourable title on judges and denied class 8 leavers the bragging rights to insert KCPE before their names.

After leading the Court in throwing petitions challenging the election of William Ruto as hot air, CJ Koome urinated on 6 point something million Kenyans saying the “verdict was inspired by God.” Frankly, if we wanted God’s judgements in our Courts, even prophet Dr David Owuor wouldn’t feature in the top 100.

After facing criticisms for her judicial misconduct, she issued a long statement threatening us with a dead snake. Koome should know we only fear battery low warnings from our smartphones.

Shameful Ruling

CJ Koome is bringing shame to the judiciary by openly showing bromance and camaraderie with the politicians. If the photos of Cyprian Awiti, and Cornel Rasanga Amoth, among other failures, are used to scare children into working hard, the time for replacement is nigh.

Even in the dark days of Moi’s error, where the judges served under the pleasure of Nyayo, they knew their boundaries of showing loyalty to the executive. Shamefully, our current President of the Supreme Court has no limits. Ex-sex workers at Kisumu’s Bottoms-Up Club have confirmed adherence to privacy regardless of how cheap others might’ve perceived them.

The High Court ruled the only academic degree anyone needs to run in a gubernatorial race is Celsius.  Supreme Court issued an adversarial opinion stating governors impeached had violated Chapter 6 and were barred from contesting any seat.

In addition, CJ Koome said those with impending appeals remained guilty – as an appeal doesn’t vacate the previous ruling. However, the question of politicians with active murder, and corruption cases is where the Judges said they had speech complications; thus they protected their mouth from speaking for safety against injuries.  

When we elected to have the independence of the judiciary, we didn’t have a Martha Koome in mind. The Supreme Court is the zenith of the Judiciary with its judges the epitome of justices, or so we think. What we’re getting treated to is way below anyone’s expectations.

Our hot aired men and women are cooked and baked naked. Even Jir the Gileadite who was a judge in Israel for twenty-two years and who drew his immense love and pride from “riding on 30 asses at the same time,”
wouldn’t have agreed with us that this is the New Dawn in the judiciary.

The Supreme Court must stop being the supreme flower girls and boys and maintain the independence of the Judiciary.

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